Jaap Stahlie

Momentum, the authentic manifestation of my subjects are my inspiration.

From an interest in how we are conditioned by mass communication as a whole and commercial communication specifically, Jaap Stahlie hones in on the believable depiction of his subject. Fascinated by the essence and beauty of the ordinary, Jaap strives after photographic realism and authenticity in his work. Jaap Stahlie has a lot of attention and a deep love for the momentum. In his foto’s, the moment is captured in a natural way. He focuses on non-verbal expression, where his sense of aesthetics supports the conceptual approach. Jaaps’s images portrays the mundane through his eye for detail and framing. While staying away from confirming stereotypes and stigmatizing, which creates room for the subject to selfreflect. Photography is interaction; the subject dictates the solution.

1962 / Born Amsterdam The Netherlands.

1980-1985 / School for Photography The Hague.

2004-2012 / partime teacher photography at the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague.

1985- present / freelance independent photographer on behalf of autonoous projects, non-profit and commercial clients.

In Jaap’s perception a portfolio is about the past and Jaap feels much more related to the present especially in his work as a photographer. Jaap’s relation with the present directs his creativity, the experiences over the past draw his skills. His challange is to be truly inspired, to be present.

Jaap Stahlie has previosly worked for: Achmea-Eureco, AD-magazine, ADCN, Albert Heijn, Audi, Ben, Birkai, BleuBand, Brand-pilsner, C-1000, DAF-trucks, Elle-magazine, Elegance-magazine, Footlocker, G-star, Hans Brinker Hotel, Heineken-pilsner, Hema, Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam, IMC-weekendschool, KesselsKramer, KoeweidenPostma, KPN, Nike, Parool, Philips, Public transport Amsterdam, Triple-P, Unilever, Wealth Management Partners,,,,

Working as a professional photographer Jaap Stahlie can provide in the establishment of an reliable and highly motivated production team with professionals out of the field. All to create a immaculate and enjoyable production proces to benefit your results.

Jaap Stahlie Photography
Stuurmankade 304
1019WD Amsterdam
T +31653437552