What is panl?

Panl is a Dutch platform where researchers, and people who want to participate in research, can meet. For researchers, panl enables quick gathering of citizen-provided high-quality data in the Netherlands. For participants, panl offers a way to partake in meaningful research, and receive fair compensation.

Who can use panl?

Panl has been designed by and for Netherlands-based researchers in the social sciences and humanities who rely on data, information, and annotations from Dutch (speaking) participants.

All researchers who are linked to Dutch knowledge-institutions recognized by SURF can post studies on panl.

All individuals in the Netherlands interested in participating in academic research, either by completing questions or tasks, or by contributing through annotating or enriching digitized texts or other materials can partake in these studies.

Aim, vision & principles

A fair, trustworthy and user-friendly platform that connects researchers to Dutch (speaking) research participants.

Easy access for researchers to a good quality participant pool with Dutch (speaking) people who experience fulfilment by contributing to academic research.

Panl is a non-profit platform that pursues an equal relationship between researcher and research participant.

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