Panl is run by a small team of Dutch academics, all with their personal expertise and background.

Martin is a visionary with a feeling for innovation and change.

By thinking outside of the box he recognizes opportunities and creates possibilities. Thanks to his sharp eye for opportunities for innovation panl came into being. Next to his role as director of panl he is an associate professor in communication at the department of communication science at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His main research focuses on information processing and attitude formation with special interests in wellbeing, health, and sustainability.

Martin Tanis

Ivar Vermeulen

Ivar is a creative researcher with a diverse background.

From studying formal theory building at an informatics institute during his PhD, Ivar became a communication scientist doing conducting experimental studies on persuasion. Currently his research mostly focuses on the influence of misinformation and other forms of online deception on users’ perceptions. With his varied academic background Ivar understands the link between software, users, and research methodology, three main elements of panl.

Antske is driven by understanding how language works and how it can be modelled computationally.

She is particularly interested in what it means to use computational language models in various applications. This means that it is vital to understand how language is interpreted in different scenarios by people with different backgrounds. Antske thus immediately recognized the value of panl for humanities research.

Antske Fokkens

Agneta Fischer

Agneta is currently dean of the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences of the University of Amsterdam.

As a researcher in emotion science, she has abundant experience in recruiting participants for research, either experimental (e.g., facial expressions) or survey (e.g., the role of emotions in populism). Having used many different international platforms that enable the recruitment of participants for research, she is very enthusiastic about this initiative, in which Dutch researchers would be able to collect data with Dutch participants.

Merel has great listening skills and a deep understanding of what people need.

With a proactive and organized way of working, Merel quickly translates thoughts and needs into concrete actions. Crucial characteristics, since, as the project- and community manager of panl she represents the interests of all people involved and forms the joint between researchers, research-participants and software developers. Besides managing panl Merel teaches at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Merel Heusen

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